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Event Catering & Graduation Concerts services

We offer all event and entertainment services

We offer good ideas to make your concert special

  • Offers scenes educational educational purpose (cartoon characters and brides).
  • Giant clowns, comedians, acrobats and acrobats.
  • Offers Games Challenge and Match and Adventure.
  • Great Screen Show.
  • Offers tanks and brutal vehicles.
  • Animal reviews (blacks, tigers, hyenas, leopards, crocodiles, snakes, handcuffs).
  • Offers Indian Circus and Lightning Games.
  • Offers popular and traditional games.
  • Chinese Circus Shows.
  • Offers laser and fireworks.
  • Offers and challenges of the stadium and rental of various sizes.
  • Design of special gifts according to the customer’s wishes, to write the customer’s name and logo.
  • Rental of aerobics and hoppers with different measurements according to customer’s desire.
  • Renting all necessary machines, equipment, electronic and electrical games.
  • Decorating sites and theaters with balloons.
  • Coloring and painting on the face.
  • Coloring with colored sand.
  • Engraving the henna on the hand.
  • Processing the child’s corners (children’s club tent).
  • Celebrate special occasions (such as festivals of success and birthdays).
  • Staff and women’s special team for private and public women’s parties.
  • Imaging and documenting the event with modern LED screens.
  • Rental of giant LED screens.
  • Hosting celebrities and superstars in modern media and social media.
  • Supplying sound equipment, lighting and professional theaters.
  • Children’s shows.
  • Printing on balloons.
  • Processing of national operettas.

Providing the finest services for events and graduation Concerts

In City Squares beyond expectations and dreams of customers with our ideas and our design, which is not repeated at any ceremony, each ceremony has its own character and services

Graduation Concerts Services

If you are looking for a single stop for all outdoor activities or events for social events and graduation ceremonies, city squares have the right solution to meet your different needs.

Event catering services

We offer fully designed packages for audio and video equipment, lighting, supplies, decoration and furniture, various options including interior bushings, solid walls, wall and glass systems and insulating walls for leisure parties

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